The Z88 was a real portable computer. It was invented by Sir Clive Sinclair who founded his new company Cambridge Computers after Amstrad bought his old company Sinclair. Like the Spectrum, the Z88 had a rubber-keyboard which has been extended to enable serious work with it. Discdrives were not included - the Z88 used memory-cards. Because of that you could work up to 20 hours on the Z88 with alkaline-batteries.



CPU/Clock speed:Z80(CMOS)/3.2 MHz - 8-Bit

ROM:128 KB

RAM:32 (1 MB) KB

Display:eingeb. LCD-Display

Text display:?



Sound:1 channel Mono

Interfaces:3*Modul, RS232

Keyboard:Gummitast., 64 keys

Size (in mm):294*219*213


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