Yamaha CX5-M

An ordinary cassette recorder could be connected to the CX5M but the main feature was the support for the Yamaha synthesizer DX7 and an interface for a big keyboard. The synthesizer module had some good sounds for the keyboard including some rather bizarre ones (train bell, birds). One additional Basic command was added to switch to the music part but despite from that it was the normal, but comfortable MSX-Basic.



CPU/Clock speed:Z80A/3.58 MHz - 8-Bit


RAM:32 (64/28) KB


Text display:40*24

Resolution:256*192 16 colours (TMS9918A)


Sound:3 channel Mono (AY-3-8910)

Operating system:MSX-DOS

Languages:Basic, ...

Interfaces:Joystick, TV, Modul, Cassette recorder, Monitor, Music-Keyboard

Storage:Modul, Disk (5.25/3.5""/3""), Cassette

Keyboard:Typewriter, 73 keys

Size (in mm):423*200*60

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