Commodore SX64

The SX64 was compatible to the C64.

It had an integrated 5\" little colour screen and a 5 1/4"-diskdrive.

The SX-64 was transportable but needed a socket. Although it was a very

interesting derivation of the C64 the SX-64 did not have success. The

production stopped in 1986.

By the way, Siemens built a transportable C64 integrated in a small

suitcase with a LCD-screen and some more extras.



CPU/Clock speed:6510/0.9 MHz - 8-Bit


RAM:64 (512) KB

Display:eingeb. RGB Monitor

Text display:40*25

Resolution:320*200 2 colours
160*200 4 colours


Sound:3 channel Mono (SID)

Operating system:compatibel with C64

Storage:Cassette, Disk (5.25"", 3.5""), Hard disk

Keyboard:Typewriter, 67 keys

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