Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Sega's most successfull console ever. The Genesis competed against the PC-Engine/Turbo GrafX and the Super Nintendo. Thanks to a lot of good games the Genesis even could stand against the technical superior SNES. The 32 bit extension 32X and the CD-ROM drive were popular.
In 1995 Sega published a portable version of the Genesis called Nomad. The Nomad was not available outside the USA and is considered as the best portable console ever. Unfortunately, the Nomad was published as the next generation consoles approached and not many games were produced for the Genesis after 1995.



CPU/Clock speed:MC68000/8 MHz - 16/32-Bit
Z80/4 MHz - 8-Bit

RAM:136 KB


Resolution:320*224 64 colours


Sound:10 channel Stereo

Interfaces:Expansion, 2*Joypad, Kopfh__rer

Emulators available for:PC-DOS, Amiga, Windows, Linux, Mac, RiscPC, Unix, Solaris

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