Sega Game Gear

The Game Gear was basically a Master System with an enhanced color palette. There was even an adapter to play Master System games. Sega's console had the same disadvantages than the Lynx: the batteries were quickly empty because of the color display. It lost against the Game Boy but won against the Lynx. As the development of games for the Master System was stopped, Sega slowly dropped the Game Gear.



CPU/Clock speed:Z80/3.6 MHz - 8-Bit


Display:eingeb. LCD-Display (Farbe)

Resolution:160*144 32 colours


Sound:4 channel Stereo

Operating system:eigenes, compatibel with Master System (Adapter)

Emulators available for:PC-DOS, Win95, Amiga, Mac, Linux

Price (approx.):299 DM (1990)

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