Atari Portfolio

The Atari Portfolio is the smallest PC of the world. Its operating system DIP-DOS is compatible to MS-DOS 2.11 but much more comfortable. For example, the Portfolio asks for the language when it is first switched on. There is also a sleep mode activated by the new command 'off'. The integrated software is quite simple but functional: word processing, spread sheet (Lotus compatible), appointments book, address book and a calculator.

Chip-cards are used for storing data, they are available from 64 KB up to 256 KB. As an option, you can connect a 3,5" disk drive. Right now, the Portfolio can send faxes and can be speed up to 12 MHz.
Although Atari has stopped the production, the Portfolio is still available and supported. The computer was originally developed by the UK company DIP.



CPU/Clock speed:80C88/4.9 MHz - 8-Bit

ROM:256 KB

RAM:128 (640) KB

Display:eingeb. LCD-Display (s/w)

Text display:40*8

Resolution:240*64 MDA


Sound:1 channel Mono

Operating system:DIP-DOS 2.11

Storage:eingeb.: Card-Drive

Keyboard:63 keys

Size (in mm):200*100*25


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