Apple Performa 630

One of over 40 Mac-derivations. This used to be one of the last real

Macintosh-computers with the old Motorola CPUs.

The new Performa-computers e.g. the 5200 work with the PowerPC-CPU but

the 630 can be upgraded. There is even a DOS/Mac version of the 630: An ordinary 630 with an integrated

486DX2-card and Soundblaster-emulation.

It seemed to be typical for Apple to use non-standard interfaces. Without an

adapter you could only connect Mac-specific printers and screens.



CPU/Clock speed:68LC040/66 MHz - 32-Bit

ROM:512 KB

RAM:8 (36) MB

Display:Monitor (Apple)

Text display:80*24

Resolution:640*480 32000 colours
832*624 256 colours


Sound:16Bit Stereo

Operating system:MacOS

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