The Milan was introduced on the 'International Atari fair' in Neuss/Germany. It

is, if you don't count the 190ST, the fourth Atari clone. After the end of the

company Atari Computers there were severall attempts to create faster and

better clones. Most of them were too expensive and therefore only interesting

for musicians and publishers.

Milan stores the o.s. in a Flash-ROM which allows the manufacturers to do

cheap updates. It seems that they have also bought the license to develope the

TOS. Let's hope that they will do better than C-Lab...

Strangely, a second Milan was produced by Aixit. This one has nothing to do

with the ST-Milan and is only an ordinary PC like the others but supplied

with an emulator. They don't seem to succeed with this irritating tactic and

- in my opinion - it was just childish.


There are severall questions which decide about the Milan's future:

- Will ST users change to the new machine and

- will there be Milan optimized software?


Various extension cards are announced for the Milan (in order of priority):

SCSI and ROM port card, Falcon compatibility card.



CPU/Clock speed:68040/25 MHz - 32-Bit

ROM:512 KB

RAM:8 (512) MB


Text display:80*25


Colours:True Colour

Sound:1 channel Mono

Operating system:TOS 4.06

Languages:Basic, C, Pascal, ...

Interfaces:4*PCI, 3*ISA, 2*IDE, Disk
Seriell, Parallel, Tastatur, Maus

Storage:eingeb.: Festp. (850 MB), Disk (3.5"" HD), CD-ROM


Sold (world):<1000

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