Hades 060

The Hades was the third Atari-clone and the first TOS-computer

with a PCI-bus. Mainly built for people who wanted a powerful TT

successor, the Hades wasthe favourite machine for desktop publishing.

The compatibility was good - most applications had no

problems with the 68040/68060 CPU. The Hades was equipped with the

68040-CPU (32/64 MHz) or the 68060-CPU (60 MHz). The 040-version can

be easily upgraded to the 68060-CPU.



CPU/Clock speed:68060/60 MHz

ROM:256 KB

RAM:4 (512) MB


Text display:80*25


Colours:True Colour

Sound:3 channel Mono (AY-3-8910)

Operating system:TOS 3.x

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