Enterprise 128

The Enterprise was perhaps the best homecomputer (technically) of 1984. The futuristic design (with an integrated joystick) its excellent graphic abilities should have made the Enterprise successful. But Enterprise Computers, the manufactures, couldn't deliver at the promised date. As the Enterprise was finally published the competion was stronger and the public more critical. The Amstrad CPC464 which was published three months earlier was also bought by people who were interested in the Enterprise but didn't want to wait any longer.
Although the Enterprise didn't succeed it remains a fascinating homecomputer.
According to Happy Computer less than 50000 units were sold world-wide.



CPU/Clock speed:Z80A/4 MHz - 8-Bit

RAM:128 KB


Text display:84*28



Sound:3 channel Mono

Operating system:CP/M

Sold (world):50000

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