Commodore 710

This computer was an attempt to establish a professional non-MS-DOS-compatibel computer. Like the C610, the C710 did not have success. The computer was able to run CP/M and CP/M-86 via a coprocessor-card. It was also equipped with Basic 4.0 and the SID (soundchip). Remarkable is the design with its rounded edges of the keyboard, computer and monitor. The C710 had RS-232C- and IEEE-488-interfaces. It could also be connected to the C64-cassetterecorder and diskdrive with a little cartridge.



CPU/Clock speed:6509


RAM:128 KB

Display:integr. Gr___n-Monitor

Text display:80*25



Sound:3 channel Mono (SID)

Operating system:compatibel with C7x0(600)

Languages:Basic, Assembler

Interfaces:IEEE-Bus, RS232C, Audio, Video, Expansion

Storage:Cassette, Disk. (5.25"", 3.5"")

Keyboard:Typewriter, 94 keys

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