Commodore 64DX/65

The C65 was stopped shortly before its

completation. There were some possible reasons: Compete with the

Amiga and poor compatibility to the C64.

Some C65-protypes were sold without any guarantee. The prototypes

show the message 'C64DX Development System' after turning

on the system.

The basic-version of the C65 is 10.0 (C64: 2.0, C128: 7.0). Included

is also a 3,5"-diskdrive and an expanded keyboard which looks

like a mix of the Amiga 600- and the C128-keyboard.



CPU/Clock speed:CSG 65CE02/3.54 MHz - 16-Bit

ROM:128 KB

RAM:128 (8 MB) KB


Text display:80*25

Resolution:320/640/1280*200/400 256 colours


Sound:4 channel Stereo (SID)

Operating system:eigenes, compatibel with C64

Interfaces:2*Joystick, TV, User Port, ...

Storage:eingeb.: Disk (3.5"" 800 KB)

Keyboard:Typewriter, 67 keys

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