Commodore 16

The C16/116/+4 were planned to be a successor for the old VC20. However, they had a strong competitor coming from their own producer: the Commodore 64. Although the C16 was cheaper the users bought the C64 which had more programs.


The C16 had some advantages like the enhanced Basic 3.5 and a 121 colour-palette. The joystick-ports were Commodore-specific: The C16-owner had to buy the Commodore-stick or an adaptor for the standard 9-pin Atari-sticks. The hardware of the C16 didn't support scrolling and sprites. The sound-chip was not as good as the one used in the C64.


The C16/116/+4-family still lives on. A SID-card gives them the sound abilities of the C64 and the memory can be expanded to 512 KByte. There is even a version of the graphical enevironment GEOS. There are still some user-groups around although the C16 is not as popular as the C64.



CPU/Clock speed:MOS7501/1.75 MHz - 8-Bit


RAM:16 (512) KB


Text display:40*25

Resolution:320*200 2 colours
160*200 4 colours


Sound:2 channel Mono

Languages:Basic, Assembler

Interfaces:2*Joystick, TV, ...

Storage:Cassette, Disk. (5.25"", 3.5"")

Special ext.:SID-Karte

Size (in mm):400*205*80


Sold (world):350000

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