Commodore 128

The Commodore 128 is a 3-in-one-computer: Its Z80A-processor was only used for CP/M and you can switch to the C64-mode by typing the basic command 'GO64'. The C128-Modus had some advantages including enhanced graphics (640*200), faster speed (which can also be used in the C64 mode with a trick) and the improved Basic 7.0.

There were three versions of the C128:

  • C128
  • Looks a bit like the C64C. Also has a flat case and a good keyboard.

  • C128D
  • Like C128 but integrated in a PC-stylish case with a 5,25"-diskdrive

    The keyboard is now a seperate part. You can also expand the video-ram

    (standard: 16 KB) to get the enhanced video-modes of the C128DB.

  • C128DB
  • Like the C128D but with the expanded video-ram of 64 KByte which allows

    some programs to create higher resolutions.



    CPU/Clock speed:MOS 8502/ca. 2 MHz - 8-Bit
    Z80A/ca. 4 MHz - 8-Bit

    ROM:48 KB

    RAM:128 (512) KB


    Text display:80*25

    Resolution:640*200 2 colours
    320*200 2 colours
    160*200 4 colours


    Sound:3 channel Mono (SID)

    Operating system:eigenes, compatibel with C64, CP/M 3.0

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