Atari TT

The Atari TT was the fastest

TOS machine before the clones came. Its 68030 CPU (32 MHz) and the co-processor 68882 made

the TT the best computer for DTP. Today, the TT is far cheaper and is

affordable for everyone. For people who are using DTP the Atari-clones

Medusa and Hades are now the first choice.

There are no special user-clubs for the TT like for the Falcon because

the TT was never a machine for the masses. However, it was popular in

Germany where it was often used with a 19"-bigscreen.

There were 2 MByte TTs but 4 MByte is normal. The memory is seperated into

ST-ram (maximum: 4 MB) and TT-ram (maximum: 512 MB). The ST-ram is slower

because the graphic chip can also access memory. Most application run

from the TT-ram, the ST-ram is mainly used for compatibility reasons.



CPU/Clock speed:68030/32 MHz - 32-Bit

ROM:256 KB

RAM:4 (512) MB


Text display:80*25

Resolution:1280*960 2 colours
640*480 16 colours
320*480 256 colours


Sound:4 channel Stereo

Operating system:TOS 3.x

Languages:Basic, C, Pascal, ...

Interfaces:MIDI, 2*RS232, 4*Joystick, Monitor,
VME, LAN, Centronics

Storage:Disk (eingeb., 3.5"" 1.44 MB), Hard disk, CD-ROM


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