Atari ST Book

Atari's second attempt to produce a ST notebook was far better than the STacy. Its only problems was Atari's incapability to deliver the ST Book at time.



CPU/Clock speed:68000/8 MHz - 16/32-Bit

ROM:192 KB

RAM:1 (4 MB) MB

Display:eingeb. LCD-Display (640*400)

Text display:80*25

Resolution:640*400 2 colours
320*200 16 colours


Sound:3 channel Mono (AY-3-8910)

Operating system:TOS 1.04

Languages:Basic, C, Pascal, ...

Interfaces:MIDI, RS232, 2*Joystick, Monitor, ROM-Port

Storage:Disk (eingeb. 3.5"" 720KB), Hard disk, CD-ROM


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