Atari Lynx

The first 16-Bit handheld videogame system although the 16-Bit refer to the

graphic chip. The Lynx was capable to handle 3D graphics like the big SNES and

allowed the linking of up to 8 consoles.

The machine was originally developed by some former members of the Amiga staff.

Atari bought the rights to sell the Lynx from Epyx. The development system was

running on an Amiga computer.

The Lynx's fate were the games. In the first months only a few were released

and although a lot of them were of high quality Atari never had a blockbusting

game hero like Sonic or Mario. Not many people realized that the Lynx was

a superior machine compared to the Game Boy because Atari didn't try to put

up great advertising campaigns.



CPU/Clock speed:65C02/3.6 MHz - 8-Bit


Display:eingeb. LCD-Display (Farbe)

Resolution:160*102 16 colours


Sound:4 channel Stereo

Emulators available for:MS-DOS, Win95

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