Atari Jaguar

Atari's Jaguar was the first 64-Bit videogame system. Not all

components of the Jag are 64-Bit - the CPU is a 16Bit 68000. Therefore

a lot of programmers saved money and time by converting

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis games 1 to 1 to the Jag. Overall there were only

ca. 50 games some of them are hard to get today. The doublespeed CD-ROM

couldn't save the Jag. There were other add-ons like a VR helmet or a

Jag modem and some of them were even introduced on fairs! However,

Atari didn't have the money to support these extravagant extras.

Sigma Designs announced a JagPC card that allows you to play JaguarCD

games with any PC. The project was dropped because the low number of

available JaguarCDs and the decreasing sells of the Jaguar.

The Jaguar was Atari Computers last hardware project. There were

prototypes of the Jaguar 2 and a Jaguar with an integrated CD-ROM - they

were all dropped. Atari and the JTS Corporation (a small harddisk drive producer)

merged and ceased to exist.

Some of the former Atari employees founded VM Labs and are working

on a revolutinary combination of DVD player and videogame console.

A daughter company of Hasbro bought the rights for all games, know-how

and computers from JTS for only 5 mio. dollar. At least they were more

interested in Atari classic games than the rest and publish 3D or

2000 versions of Atari classics.


After a few new releases (e.g. Worms) of games which were already finished,

there are no more new games. There are of course exceptions like games

programmed by Atari demo crews.



CPU/Clock speed:68000/16 MHz - 16/32-Bit
Tom 6SC880
Jerry 6SC600 - 64-Bit


Resolution:768*576 True Colour

Colours:16.7 Mio.

Interfaces:2*Joystick, Modul, Expansion

Storage:Modul, CD-ROM (doublespeed)

Sold (world):200000

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