Atari 800

The 400 and 800 were Ataris entrance to

the home computer market. The Atari 400 was designed as a game machine whereas

the Atari 800 was considered as a business machine. It became quite a popular

machine at universities.

The Basic was not included in the roms: You have to plug in a Basic-module.

Without the module, the Atari worked as a notepad!

With the introduction of the two Ataris a Basic-module (on a 8K-cartridge)

and the legendary Star-Raiders (also 8K) were available. The second cartridge-port of the Atari 800 was only used

by a few cartridges like the Basic-extension. The Atari 800 was more

professional with its typewriter-style keyboard, the 48 KByte RAM and the

monitor interface.

On the Winter-CES 1979 Atari showed the 400 and 800 after one year of development.

The introduction in the U.S.A. was a big success for Atari. Many games and

application software which were avaible for the Apple II were ported to the

Atari. The greatest arcade-games were programmed for the Atari like Asteroids,

Missile Command and Joust.



CPU/Clock speed:6502/1.92 MHz - 8-Bit




Text display:40*24

Resolution:320*192 (2 colours)
160*192 (4 colours)


Sound:4 channel Mono

Operating system:Atari-OS

Languages:Basic, Assembler, ...

Interfaces:4*Joystick, TV, Modul, RGB

Storage:Cassette, Disk (5.25"", 360 KB)


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