Atari 520ST

The 520ST was the first available ST.

Its O.S. was not included in the ROMs in the first 520STs. TOS (standing

for: The Operating System) is based on CP/M 68K. After buying Atari, Jack

Tramiel needed a new computer quick. So he bought the license from Digital

Research for CP/M to have an O.S. . The last version of TOS, Multi TOS,

has not much in common with CP/M and is inspirated by UNIX. Over the TOS system,

GEM makes the ST easy-to-use.

The 520ST is still capable to run 90 percent of all Atari software (the missing

10 percent are STE, TT or Falcon specific programs). The TOS can be upgraded

to version 2.06 or MultiTOS.

An old 520ST can be updated to the following configuration:

  • Motorola 68030 CPU/50 MHz
  • 12 MByte RAM
  • TV and VGA connection
  • TOS 2.06
  • True-colour graphic cards
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    CPU/Clock speed:68000/8 MHz - 16/32-Bit

    ROM:192 KB

    RAM:512 (4 MB) KB


    Text display:80*25

    Resolution:640*400 2 colours
    320*200 16 colours


    Sound:3 channel Mono (AY-3-8910)

    Operating system:TOS 1.0

    Languages:Basic, C, Pascal, ...

    Interfaces:MIDI, RS232, 2*Joystick, Monitor, ROM-Port

    Storage:Disk (3.5"" 720KB), Hard disk, CD-ROM


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