Atari 130ST

An early prototype version of the ST

(don't confuse it with the 130XE!) with only 128 KByte RAM. Announced,

but never published. The OS was not included in the roms and needed to

be load from disk. But I wonder if there was enough memory left to run

serious applications...



CPU/Clock speed:68000/8 MHz - 16/32-Bit

ROM:192 KB

RAM:128 (? MB) KB


Text display:80*25

Resolution:640*400 2 colours
320*200 16 colours


Sound:3 channel Mono (AY-3-8910)

Operating system:TOS 1.0

Languages:Basic, C, Pascal, ...

Interfaces:MIDI, RS232, 2*Joystick, Monitor, ROM-Port

Storage:Disk (eingeb. 3.5"" 720KB), Hard disk, CD-ROM


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