Commodore Amiga 4000/040

The second Amiga generation was equipped

with the AA chipset (Advanced Amiga) and had extended graphic abilities.

The highest possible colour number of 640000 colours are only partial

useable because of the many restrictions in HAM mode (Hold and Modify).

There were different Amiga 4000 models:

  • Amiga 4000T

    Identical with Amiga 4000 but equipped with SCSI-2 interface, 2

    additional extension porrts and a tower case.

  • Amiga 4000/030

    The 68EC030 version of the Amiga 4000.



    CPU/Clock speed:68040/25 MHz - 32-Bit

    ROM:512 KB

    RAM:6 (18) MB


    Text display:80*25


    Colours:True Colour

    Sound:4 channel Stereo

    Operating system:AmigaOS

    Interfaces:IDE, RS232, Parallel, RGB, Floppy, 2 * Audio
    PAL Composite, 2* Maus/Joystick, Expansion, 4 Amiga (Zorro III)/3 MS-DOS Slots

    Storage:eingeb.: Disk (3.5"" 1,76 MB), Hard disk (40 MB)

    Keyboard: CD-ROM

    Size (in mm):380*395*123

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