Commodore Amiga 1000

The Amiga 1000 was planned as a videogame-system but later became a computer.

The Amiga changed its companies after the bankrupt of Commodore: Escom

and then Viscorp bought the rights for the Amiga but they have not released

new models - although some prototypes were manufactured (Walker).



CPU/Clock speed:68000/7.09 MHz - 16/32-Bit

ROM:192 KB

RAM:256 (8 MB) KB


Text display:80*25

Resolution:640*512 (PAL)


Sound:4 channel Stereo

Operating system:AmigaOS

Languages:Basic, Assembler, Pascal, C ...

Interfaces:RS232, Centronics, RGB, BAS,

Storage:eingeb.: Disk (3.5"" 880 KB)

Keyboard: Festp., CD-ROM

Size (in mm):440*395*160

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