ZX81 Laptop

The ZX81 is still alive - a fact proven by a small computer club in Germany. The ZX-Team developed a modern ZX81 with an LCD and a disk drive.

Sega Saturn am Ende

Sega declared their two cpu game console Saturn officially dead. The Saturn was quite successfull in Japan, but sales in USA and Europe were not as high as expected: PlayStation and Nintendo 64 both outsold the Saturn. Many great games were not released outside Japan and some multiplatform games were poorly ported to the Saturn. Sega examined their faults and developed the Dreamcast, which was designed for 3D games right from the start.


Everybody feared it and even some movies were inspired by it: the year 2000 or rather, the "milennium bug". Older computers or software programs stored the year only in two digits to save memory. Great efforts were made to update all vital programs to make them Y2K compliant. In the end, nothing seriously happened at the beginning of the new year.

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