Acorn 3000

The Acorn 3000 was introduced in Germany. The only avilable homecomputer utilizing the RISC technology was much fast than Amiga and ST computers. Unfortunately Acorn never really managed to support their computer outside the United Kingdom. There was even an attempt by the well known German magazine "64'er" to publish articles about the Acorn alongside with articles about the Commdore 64. They failed miserably although there was a short-lived Acorn-only magazines which was published afterwards.

Atari TT

After seemingly endless delays and various prototypes, Atari introduced the TT. First presented to the public on a show in Germany, the TT had a clock frequency of 16 MHz. Atari doubled the clock frequency of the TT before the machine was sold in order to beat the main competitor Commodore. In addition, a new version of the GEM desktop was integrated - the first "big" update of the desktop since the introduction of the ST in 1985.

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