Sinclair ZX80

The ZX80 was the first home computer available under 100 pounds and was the first success for Sir Clive Sinclair in the young home computer market. Graphic was very poor and there was no sound but the ZX80 and its successor were the first computer for many people. Small companies tried to get the best out of the white box.


Texas Instruments followed with their first home computer which had impressing technical specs for 1981: The TI99/4A. The 99/4a was one of the first 16 bit home computers. Unfortunately, it wasn't much faster than the average 8 bit computer. The computer enjoyed a mild success in the U.S. but failed in other markets. One of the strengths of the TI99/4a was the expandibility - there was even a PC box available. Software companies like Activision pretty much ignored the TI although Atarisoft released a couple of quite good arcade conversions in 1984.

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