At the end of the 70's Apple, Atari and Commodore started to manufacture home computers.

Apple I

The Steve Wozniak worked on his first computer: The Apple I. Approximately 200 units were produced in their garage. Unlike other computers at that time, it utilized a MOS 6502 cpu instead of an Intel 8080. In 1976 the Apple I was released and one year later the legendary Apple II was introduced and became one of the most successfull home computers.

Commodore PET 2001

Another computer legend is Commodore's first computer, the PET (Personal Electronics Transactor) 2001. The PET and the Apple I/II created the home computer market. Before the PET, Commodore had produced calculators but a price war with Texas Instruments forced Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore, to stop the production of calculators. His first problem was to sell his new computer. The PET was »For the masses not for the classes« so he had to convice the public that they need the machine. He succeeded: The PET was a success and many little software producers were founded and made games and application. RAM was expensive at that time so the PET had only 1 KByte! Programs had to be saved to cassette - the computer was equipped with an integrated cassette recorder.


Acorn was founded in 1978 and succeeded a year later with their BBC micro computer.

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